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But they must be heels..

Have I mentioned I have 40+ pairs of shoes, with 80% of those being heels?

No, this is not a post about all my heels and how I store them in their original box, on specially made shelves, where there’s a photo of the shoe on the outside edge of the box so I know which pair is which. But maybe I should consider that one day…

But this is one of my favorite type of posts, because it’s simply the randmness of whatever pops into my brain…

I do love wearing high heels. I think they clean up any outfit and give you a sense of confidence that is indescribable. And it’s not because I’m short!

Short. I was always known as the “short girl” growing up  but really, it was fine for me. I kinda liked the attention. Now I mask it with heels, so when I do wear flats occasionally, I knock the socks off people. Ha!

Lunch. I absolutely love to leave the office at lunch and eat out! I’d probably do it everyday if I knew it wouldn’t break the bank…or me, from the weight I’d probably gain.

Speaking of lunch, do you have those people in your life who just brighten your day when you grab lunch together? If not, find some…it’s life changing…for real though. Anyway, I ended up telling a good friend today, that I loved having lunch with her because it’s like a little bit of Jesus right in the middle of my day!

Trolls! This is my current obsession. Yes, I’m in my 30s, but this movie is bomb (pretty sure I’m too old to say that, and sound like a teenage wannabe, but oh well). I originally only watched it for the kids…okay, maybe not. But it is super cute and the music is awesome! And I may or may not know every word to every song because I downloaded the soundtrack…

Planner. I’ve already changed my method and we’re barely 2 months into 2017! I was seeking wisdom on Planner organization & was advised to use a 3-ring binder. I loathed the idea at first. I’m totally a “bound book” planner girl, but after perusing the aisles of Walmart, I decided a binder was actually cost effective (which spoke to my cheap, err economical, side) and “could” have potential… Minus the whole part that now my “binder planner” is not fully compatible with my handbag. *sad day* So, I’m not totally, 100%, sold out to the binder cause, but I’ll keep you posted on how March goes…

Girl Scout Cookies. Did the sleeves get shorter or did I just grow up?  I swear there are less cookies than what used to be, and did the price go up? Oh who cares…they are a little piece of heaven on earth, even if they are only two bites (one for some).

As a final thought, don’t blog when you are still exhausted, as you will end up trying to finalize the post for 1 hour because of the frequent cat naps inbetween.

2 thoughts on “But they must be heels..

  1. Planners… I struggled for YEARS to find a planner/system that worked for me. I just never could quite seem to fit into those little boxes (ha!). I’m 31 now, and just this year, I’ve discovered MY planner system… bullet journaling! There’s no little boxes, and if I don’t like the way it’s laid out one day, I can change it to fit my brain that day. The best part is that I can use whatever journal book I feel like using.. so no big binders, no big planners, nothing so small that I can’t even read it.. just exactly what I want.
    I tried the three ring binder idea for a while with a different planner system and gave up on using a binder because of it’s lack of permanence. I’m using my planner as a record of my life also.. I don’t want the pages getting out of order because they’re not permanently bound. I didn’t used to view my planners that way, but I watched a show where the main character’s mother dies, and she goes back to her mother’s journals over and over to learn how to handle different things and to feel like her mother is there with her again. Maybe my kids will never read my journals.. but maybe they will, so I went to permanent bindings.


    1. Kate, love the idea of bullet journaling for planner but also for life events and memories. And yes, I bet your kids will read them one day! I tried BJ-ing, but the grooves not there yet-But definitely intrigued by its versatility. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s good to know I’m not the only lonely soul dealing with finding the “perfect planner”


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