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What to write?

There are so many articles and thoughts and memes and posts to read write now. Especially since we’ve all been given the gift of time; extracurricular activities are cancelled, schools are closed, sports are suspended, restaurants and such are take-out only, and we are to practice “social distancing.” Which alternatively means, now we can watch all those shows we’ve been trying to binge on Netflix for weeks (like YOU in my case) or we are taking walks (almost everyday!) or we simply scroll social media for the latest COVID-19 update and case numbers (20x a day).

So as I sit here, I wonder. What is it that people would want to read write now.

Do you want to hear words of encouragement. Do you want something to distract you, like a post about music or make-up. Do you want a book review (well, tough luck on this page because I haven’t read any to review lately LOL). Do you want to hear more truths on the matter of what we’re facing.

With all that in mind, I simply decided to note my quarantine life thus far. Maybe that’s interesting. Maybe not! Oh well.

Day 1- Monday March 16, which was supposed to be a travel day for me and prep for an important German visitor, turned into working from home, doing conference calls about our preparations and proactive planning for Coronavirus impacts to our business, eating ALL day, a walk at the park, and cooking Turkey Bolognese with carrots and celery (and other ingredients of course). Combined with watching “Contagion”. While that may seem a little twisted watching such a movie given what we are facing with COVID-19, it was so good. Very enlightening about how quickly germs spread! A Must see!!

Day 2- Tuesday. Working from home. More conference calls. More emails. No walk because it was pouring rain. Cooking Turkey stroganoff. And watching “Uncut Gems” .

Day 3- Wednesday. Working from home. BUT…today I got actual work done instead of just meetings (yay!). Today, I ventured into the outside world…the dump and picked up my prescription a. Then a short walk. Cooked pasta + Turkey meatballs (you see a theme here…) and watched “Outbreak”. Another movie about a deadly virus that spreads quickly. Another must see, if I say so myself.

Day 4-Thursday. Working from home, but on my awesome porch. It was such a nice day! Perfect for outdoor working. A nice walk in the park. Leftovers!! No cooking. Thank the Lord, I was getting exhausted (haha-if you don’t know, I don’t really like to cook). Then watched ESPNs 30 for 30, “Fantastic Lies” about the Duke lacrosse case from 2006. Very good!

Day 5- Friday. Worked from home until after 5! I know it’s Friday! But anyway. Picked up groceries and a swing set I had ordered for my kids. Cooked Turkey Tacos (delicious btw). Watched, what I’ve been told are two classics: King Pin and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Day 6-Saturday. Slept until 11:30am. It. Was. Glorious. And the rest of the day includes getting gas, a walk, and hanging out with one of my dear friends at my home (staying 6’ away from each other) binge watching Netflix.

Day 7-Cleaning. Laundry. Meal planning for the week (this is my first time doing this, so fingers crossed-hahaha). Spending the evening bathing and hanging out with my sweet babies.

So yes. A week with very limited exposure to the outside. Lots of patience in learning how to work from home, daily. More cooking in one week then I have done my whole life. And LOTS of movies and documentaries, including a couple I didn’t mention…no idea when they fit into the week, but somehow they did: ESPN 30 for 30 Micheal Vick’s documentary—which I do recommend. Horrible Bosses movie. Parks and Recreation episodes. 12 Monkeys movie.

As we enter week 2, Stay safe and healthy. And enjoy outdoors and family time.

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