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but first…Coke

I think the original “but first” phase started as “but first coffee.” Well, that’s according to a Google search and we all know Google is Gospel! Beyond that, I cannot tell you if it originated from a shirt from some boutique on Instagram, a meme on someone’s Pinterest board, or just a blog, as there’s no WIKI site for explanation (and for the record, I am not the first person to google “where did but first coffee come from” because it pre-populated into my search bar…)


I have loved this phrase, but it doesn’t work for me because, I have a love/hate relationship with coffee…

You see, since my childhood I always loved watching my grandparents and dad drink coffee and always thought I would grow up to do the same.

Until I tried it.

Then I wondered why in the world would someone ever want to drink the stuff.  It’s bitter.  It’s tasteless.  It’s strong.  It’s typically hot. (I hate hot drinks).  And while I know there’s sugar and cream and flavored creamers, all that is just…work!

I want to pick up and drink something and have the reliability that it will have the same consistent mix time and time again, and if that variable is dependent on me… Well let’s just say I can’t even boil water some days, so creating a perfect mix coffee day-in and day-out, is Out of the Question.

And did I mention that I do LOVE the smell of coffee.  It’s so warm and awakening to my nostrils, even to the point that every time I get a whiff, I want some.

Then I end up trying it again.

And no. Just no.

So in my mind, every time I see the phrase “but first coffee,” for me and my “vice” it needs to say

“but first Coke”

Preferably McDonald’s fountain Coke. Or Weigel’s Vanilla Coke.  Sometimes Cherry Coke from a can.  Rarely Coke from a bottle😝.  And on occasion, Mountain Dew.  (I’m not picky or anything…)

So yeah. Coke is quite important for my daily ability to function, even my toddler sits in a drive-thru and yells “I want Coke.”  Not because she’s had it, but because she knows this is regularly ordered.

And while I’m not clever enough to change the phrase, someone did & thanks to a sweet friend, I copied her and vuala, my knock-off Yeti is complete!❤️

Fun Fact: For all you die hard coffee & Friends sitcom fans…I found it interesting that the country of origin for coffee is…Yemen😂