Hey! I’m Jennifer. Just a small town girl……livin’ in a lonely world🎶  Just kidding, but I do ❤️ the Eighties!

But seriously, I’m a small town girl, living a big town girl’s dream…in my opinion at least. Most days I’m a daughter, sister, mother of 3, friend to many, & mentor to some, who loves Jesus, singing, organizing, & Coca-Cola Mountain Dew!  I’m a career mom, who leads a team of 6, travels to Europe at least twice per year, and works with colleagues who span the globe.

Here you will find stories of what you read when you stumbled upon this site…

Real life. Nothing sugar coated. Nothing fake. Sometimes funny. Sometimes refreshing. But always real, mixed with some random!

Jesus. Not bible thumping, judgmental religion. Just Jesus, and His love.

And Coke. Well not anymore.  As of June 2018, I have a die hard food aversion to Coke, so now it’s Mountain Dew!