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Ice Cream (and Life). Is it really this hard?

Have you ever gone to the store looking for 1 thing? And I’m not talking about the trips to Target where you go in to look for 1 home décor item and $129.33 later, you’re leaving the store. I’m talking, 8:25pm on a Tuesday night, when all the kids have passed out finally, and you’re sitting on the couch about to binge watch the latest episode of Big Little Lies or Stranger Things (I have watched neither of these, even though one of my best girls is trying her darndest to get me to), and you get a ‘hankerin’ for ice cream! (And yes, here in the South, Hankerin’ is a word! You legit have 1 goal, and 1 goal only: get in and out in record time! You want no one seeing you, so you are definitely going to self-checkout to avoid ANY and ALL small talk, and you simply want to be back on your couch with ice cream in hand, watching mind-numbing television to escape reality. THAT’s the trip to the store I’m talking about!

This was me a few nights ago! Except, I am on the phone with one of my girlfriends (Hint—If you really want to avoid small talk on this trip to the store, being on your phone helps!) and once I find the ice cream section (no judgement – I hate Grocery shopping) this is what I’m faced with…


Creamy. Non-fat. Frozen Yogurt. Gelato. Premium. Creamier. Creamier Churn.


…I didn’t realize there were so many kinds of ice cream! So many options. TOO many options.

As I’m on the phone I literally yell to my girlfriend…”is it this hard to find chocolate Friggin’ ice cream! I mean I have to read the entire box just to ensure I don’t buy a non-sugar, non-fat, non-dairy version…because tonight, tonight in my desire to escape reality, I NEED REAL, SUGARY, FATTENING ice cream. And not just any ice cream…chocolate. Not Fudgy-chocolate. Not Chocolate Ripple. Not Moose tracks. Just PLAIN CHOCOLATE.”



What?  That’s not what you’re supposed to say!  I just want chocolate ice cream and you’re confirming it is this hard to simply buy Chocolate ice cream.

“it’s like life though, too many options”

So yeah, buying ice cream, scanning all the options, then needing to read all content on the front of the package…is just like life.

Great! (*sarcastic tone*)






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Beauty Tips and Tricks

  • “Do you just wake up looking amazing??”
  • “You look good in anything!”
  • “How do you always look so put together?”

These are some of the comments I get from different ladies or friends of mine.

Please know this is not a post to brag on myself, even though it certainly sounds like it is… However, I got to thinking.  Why not write a quick Beauty Blog Post and share some of the tips and tricks I use, which help me look “put together” on the daily.

Before we dive into the list, do you remember this:

K.I.S.S. ???

Keep It Simple Stupid.  Practice that in your beauty routine!  It will save you time, money, and energy you may not have (especially if you have kids!)

–>Here’s a quick shot of the products I use daily.  The numbers will coincide with the “Face” section below.img_6036

~Hot Shower!  Ladies!  I take a steaming Hot Shower Every. Single. Day.  I have since…well forever! If I don’t…I am the grumpiest person you’ll ever meet!  Even if it’s a short 3 minute shower or I get a full 10 minutes to myself, that Hot Water, first thing in the morning, …it makes all the difference!


  1. Scrunchy.  Here lately since I’ve been growing my hair out and it’s still not quite long enough for daily messy buns,  I do the “scrunchy” style.  Right out of the shower, I put some gel in and then for about the next 5 days, No washing! (it’s fabulous!)  All I do daily is spray some dry shampoo to the roots.  Dampen my hair with water.   Spray in Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray.  Done!img_6035
  2. Straight. On the days where I actually straighten my hair, I can usually go without washing it for 3 days. (Do you see the trend?  How can I save time!)  Day 1 = Perfect.  Day 2 – Add some dry shampoo to the roots and run a straightener through it.  Day 3 – Ponytail.  But not just any ponytail.  I actually spend a few minutes teasing the roots for a small “bump” and make sure no stray pieces are hanging loose (Ladies–it only takes a few seconds to put in some bobby pins…#justsayin).img_6032

~Face.  First…Everything I use can be purchased at Walmart and I have NO SHAME in that!  (I used to use Clinique and high=end brands, but once you have 3 kids that gotta eat, you cut corners anyway you can-haha!)

    1. I start with moisturizing my face and then apply foundation.  I prefer a full coverage for the long-lasting wear-ability because my days are LONG and HARD!  However…I do not have a go-to brand.  Currently, I jump between Wet-N-Wild Photo Focus Foundation and a new one I discovered by simply buying something different…Hard Candy Glamoflauge Full Coverage Foundation. (I’m really loving it!)  Then concealer for those dark under-eye circles and my eyelids.  Yes, I said eyelids.  For those that don’t know (I was in this category 6 months ago), I learned from a video tutorial that by applying concealer prior to eye shadow, it will keep your eye makeup on longer during the day!!  Then I brush on some finishing powder.
    2. Next…eye makeup!  I am not good at this, so go watch a tutorial or feel free to come teach me.  But after some eye-shadow, I add liner and complete the look with my favorite mascara, Maybelline Great Lash, and yes I do in fact wear Royal Blue which is what the link will take you to!
    3. Lastly, I brush on some bronzer for a light glow, add blush to my cheek bones and finish the look with Setting Spray.
    4. Now, about 5 months ago, a couple of my girlfriends convinced me to start wearing Lipstick.  I never, ever wore lipstick.  Not even to business meetings.   I know I know…but listen, I barely remember to take bathroom breaks at work, there was NO WAY I was going to remember to re-apply lipstick throughout the day.  HOWEVER, they enlightened me to all the “outlast” and “24 hour” long-lasting lipsticks.  LIFE CHANGING!  (I might have bought 25 tubes within 1 week, but we’re not here to talk about that).  Anyway, now I won’t leave the house without it on!  But…You MUST buy the “outlast” or “color stay” or “24 hour” kinds.  Apply once…Touch up at lunch…you look great all day!  (Brands pictured here are both long-lasting types by Maybelline:  a matte version and also superstay liquid version).
    5. **Here’s a photo of the long-lasting wear-ability of my makeup routine…Not too Shabby, if I do say so myself!


~Lastly…Accessorize!  Listen, you can wear a t-shirt and make it look dressy by adding a set of earrings (my go-to is a set of Pearls…from Walmart…nothing outrageous) and sometimes throwing a jean jacket or cardigan over top.  Pair it with a set of flats (Walmart seems to always have several options for around $5) or booties and you look cute and stylish!  So always, always, always add accessories of earrings, cute sweaters and shoes!

Whew!  Now…you may still be wondering how I do all this and manage 3 kids.  Somedays I wonder the same, but in reality, I do a couple of things.

  1. I get the kids completely ready first (minus shoes).
  2. Occupy them.  Occasionally using juice/snacks.  Other times I use the TV or iPads as babysitters.  Lots of times I sit in the floor while I do my makeup, and the kids love this, because then they also sit and play “makeup” with me, so it gives me some added time with them.
  3. Be selfish.  Overall ladies, you have a be slightly selfish at times.  That can be hard for us as mothers, but this is simply one area I am selfish in!  Sometimes that means I get up earlier then they do, so I can get completely ready first.  Other times, it’s just being creative to occupy them, so I can get ready!

Hope these tips helped.  If so, I might consider other posts like this in the future!

Now for a Mountain Dew (Still on the Food Aversion to Coke….Shocking I know!)


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Enough (\i-‘nef )

What is Enough?

Webster defines it as “occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs or expectations.”

  • Meeting demands.
  • Meeting needs.
  • Meeting expectations.

Anyone else familiar with those? I know I am. I think we all are. But let’s go one step further with this question…

Is Enough ever really Enough???

I can guarantee you will NOT find the answer to that question, in this blog post. HOWEVER, it will give you some qualified insight from a sensational writer, who will probably lend you the best advice on this topic you’ve ever read.

Who is it you ask? I thought that was obvious… (Yeah Yeah, I don’t have the best jokes, whatever)

So let’s just start with how I came to this question today, as I was driving home from church with tear-filled eyes. (Don’t worry, I pulled over to keep from harming other drivers since I was essentially blind from the waterworks).

Today and for the last weeks, maybe even months. Okay, Okay, I’ll be honest, the whole year. All 365 days of 2018 and likely 2017 and 2016… Anyway…for some period of time, I have been weary. Tired. Exhausted really. Still putting on a smile. Still putting my best foot forward. Still praying. Still trusting. Still ordering and processing and managing. All of the things. All of the time.

Yet…all this seems (and is) in vain. It seems we do these things, and through the processing, the managing, the putting on a smile, etc…we end up just Existing vs living. We get caught up in being “enough” for everyone else, that we forget why we are here: To show love. Be Love. Give Love. And…ENJOY and actually LIVE life.

So today. Today I knew I’d had “enough”. I was tired of trying to “be enough” for everybody, and I simply needed to melt down (in other words…have a good cry). Yet, I needed to melt down into someone whom I trusted more than anyone else. This has been the only person I have ever been able to “melt into” with tears and strife and weariness and exhaustion. I am afraid to do it to most, as most cannot handle the level of heaviness that comes with a meltdown, however this Amazing woman of God can and thankfully, she’s an awesome prayer warrior and mentor to me! So, as we spoke and prayed today, she felt my heaviness and simply held me and cried with me. She prayed. She spoke words of encouragement. Words of reminders, that our Heavenly Father is just that…our Father, our Papa, our Daddy. And that He longs to give us rest. And to let go of my need for order.

Wait. What?

I argued this point with her.

Yes! Yes, I argued with what my mentor prayed over me. Don’t judge me! I question things that go against my true nature and THIS…THIS ludacris talk of “letting go of my need for order” definitely needed to be questioned.

However, in some of her next statements she told me if I prayed nothing else this year, simply pray God’s will for my life. HOW SIMPLE.

And when she said that and as I left church feeling less “heavy” today, I thought about what I’d been doing the last week since I”ve been off from work.

What is that?

  • Watching Christmas Movies? No
  • Sleeping? No
  • Resting? No
  • Baking? No

It has been making lists of ALL THE THINGS, I felt I needed to “get in order” before 2019 started.

God has a HUGE sense of humor. He thinks He’s so funny! Well I’m sure not laughing!

Anyway, a week ago I had made a list of family members and I wanted a scripture for 2019, for each person, so I could pray that verse over their life. I really searched and looked and thought and “processed” and “ordered” this list. All to find out today…really it’s simple…Pray God’s will for their life!

So sometimes…we just have to be simple. Let go of meeting demands. Meeting needs. Meeting expectations. And…Just be.

I leave you with these final words of a song (Let it Go, by James Bay) that spoke to me months ago, but I wasn’t really sure why. Now I know. It’s a secular song, more-so about a break-up, but the chorus so Perfectly fits. And as I finished my drive home from church today, in a silent car, I started singing this: (The Parenthesis are my additions)

Come on let it go

Just let it be

Why don’t you be you (Jesus)

And I’ll be me.

Everything that’s Broke

Leave it to the breeze

Why don’t you be you (Jesus)

And I’ll be me, And I’ll be me

So instead of trying to fix everything that’s broke. Instead of trying to collect all the things and make everything right…Just “let it go” and let Jesus be Jesus and you be you. (Again…Jennifer Busby interpretation of the chorus only)

And know this.  As you ‘let it be’ for your problems and situations and life, then “You’re Gonna Be OK”  (I just found this song last week…LOVE IT!)


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Oh the Pain!

One thing you should know about me, is that I am a WUSS when it comes to pain.

I tend to over-exaggerate any and all my aches and pains. Mainly to those closest to me, but occasionally I will milk it with others (I mean, why not?).

And this isn’t something I discovered as an adult. Oh no! I started at a very young age! From needing a “cold rag” for ANY symptom, to trying to leave school early (until my mom caught onto that plan), I would ride out any pain for as long as I could get attention. I even recall my first grade teacher asking me one day, “Jennifer, does your hair ever hurt?” to which I replied “You know, I don’t think it has…yet”. (Just to note, my hair has hurt…especially after a migraine.)


Anyway….for the last 4 weeks, I have been dealing with a pain.

No, it’s not any of my kids…although that would be faster resolved-haha!

It’s a pain in my right arm, which I discovered is in the Deltoid muscle.  I had already been to urgent care 1 week after the pain started and they loaded me up on meds and a Steroid pack. It subsided the pain and so I thought we were all good.  NOT!

Last week the pain flared up again.  It had been hurting for a few days, but I was trying to convince myself I was being a Wuss…until I received a birthday present I couldn’t even lift out of the box!

Now you might be thinking that must’ve been really heavy, so I have included a picture…


SIDE NOTE: There are a few things you need to know about this picture… 1-It’s the PERFECT gift for me, because if you follow me on any social media outlet, you know that I make this for my dinner at least 3x per week (just ate it tonight, as a matter of fact). 2-The person who bought this is GENIUS and is one of my employees (very thoughtful). 3-It’s not even heavy, yet when I went to pick it up, I dropped it with my right hand because I couldn’t even lift it! After that, I decided I had better call the doctor.


I enter the doctor’s office and immediately start to panic a bit.  The person in front of me is getting questions on whether they really had an appointment set up. “Are you sure you have an appointment for today? Did you get a reminder call?” asked the receptionist.

My mind starts racing. “OH CRAP”…I didn’t get a reminder call. What if I’ve left work and I don’t even have an appointment. Am I sure I scheduled it for today?  Maybe it was a different day and I put it in my calendar wrong. (A women’s mind is like Talladega Superspeedway)

“NEXT” hollers the receptionist.

I snap myself back to reality to give her my name and WHEW…I do have an appointment. Disaster avoided.

I get called back by the nurse and we exchange small niceties, as she’s weighing me…which turns out, their scale is about 5 lbs off from mine…to the bad, so naturally I had to correct her!

When the Doctor comes in, we begin to discus the purpose of my visit.  After getting him up-to-speed, he begins having me do different movements to zero in on pain area.

I need to remind you…I AM A WUSS!

So, since I have clearly been “babying” my arm, all these movements start to stir up the pain…combine that with the doctor starting to “push” into the muscle, and I was like “OWWWWWWW”.  To give you an idea, this kind of pain is a mix of…I feel like I’m going to vomit or cry, not sure which way it will go quite yet.

The doctor steps out for a minute to get one of his med books and as he begins to read to me all the things that could be wrong, I start to think: This little room is getting pretty hot.  And my arm is really hurting.  And I’m feeling a littel flushed.  And hey, there’s a mirror, and I’m also looking a little flushed.  Am I going to pass out? (…remember, Talladega Superspeedway).

“Excuse me Doctor, I’m going to have to wet a peper towel because I’m feeling kinda sick.”  He immediately helps me lay down on the examining table.  Once he makes sure I’m okay, he looks at me and says, “you delivered 1 baby and had 2 C-Sections…how in the world are you passing out over this pain?”  to which I replied, “I almost passed out with all 3 of them just getting the IV!”

After we laugh for a bit, he suggests a shot.  “WHAT!?! A Shot!  I mean I almost passed out and you hadn’t even mentioned a needle!  Now you want to give me a shot!”  He begins to negotiate with me and I finally agree (mainly due to the pain level), with the conditions that he re-wets my cold towel and I could continue to occupy the room until I was sure I was okay.  (Don’t judge me…I also passed out driving once…and Not because of alcohol!)

And to make matters worse, I didn’t even leave with a “diagnosis” …I will need to go see an Orthopaedic doctor next week.  Let’s just hope that appointment is less eventful.

Needless to say I HAD to get a coke after this whole episode!

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What would you miss?

A few years ago I read this quote and it struck me to my core. (I love finding reasons to use that phrase-haha).

At that time my kids were younger (like 2 years younger-ha) and I decided it was important to “teach” them this quote instead of just “telling” them this quote as they grew up.

So, every night during bedtime, as we close out our prayer, I say “what do we want to thank Jesus for?”

Now with a 6, 4, and 2 year old, these answers can be all over the place. And I love it–it’s my favorite part of bedtime! Somedays the answers are as simple as our house and food, other days it’s for an event that happened, or a toy.

My 6 year old struggles with this right now. Some days he’s quite moody (like his momma) and wants to tell me…”I’m not thankful for anything”…so those are the days we go back to the basics, like… “well let’s just be thankful for our clothes or our blanket.” After that, he can usually agree to find SOMETHING to be thankful for.

The baby. Well right now, he’s in a stage where he LOVES lawn mowers. So every night he is thankful for our lawn mower and his lawn mower and his new toy lawn mower. It’s a whole lawn mower thing…or as he says it: “lawn mow”

And lastly, my girl. She is genuinely thankful for something Every. Single. Night. And I love it! So today, she went shopping with her YaYa (our family name for grandma) and they bought some school supplies. At bedtime, as I’m trying to tuck her in and she’s literally climbing off the side of the bed, away from me, I ask the famous question…”Renlee, What are you thankful for?” She says…her backpack and lunch box and vacation, because then she gets to go to school.

Melt my heart.

So folks be thankful. For a backpack (or purse). Or maybe your lawn mower. Or maybe you’re just having a terrible day…and I totally get that! However, if you look around your home/life/people and something that’s there today went missing tomorrow, what would make you most upset? That is what you’re thankful for!

Me–well I’m thankful for Mountain Dew (yep. You read that right! For “Dew”…I’m on a break from coke! #whoami

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While we were yet Sinners…Christ died for us

Romans 3:23-for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

All have sinned.

Or in the singular version…we all have Sin.

Defined, Sin is the wrongdoing against the divine law of God.

Wikipedia notes, sin can be viewed as any thought or action that endangers the ideal relationship between an individual and God.

So to sum up…We are all sinners.

No one is perfect. And likely, even on our best of days, we have still sinned.

Last night, as I listened to an Easter message, I heard the pastor say “The one who had no sin was crucified for our sins”. Now, I’ve heard this for years…But…as I listened last night and know that daily I “fall short” I was amazed at my Jesus. He walked this earth and was subjected to all the same things that I am faced with daily and yet He had no sin. Then…

He took my place. He took your place. He took our place.

And as one of my favorite songs says…

With all I am

In your grace I stand

the greatest of all romance (*favorite line*)

Love of God, my Saviour

*Link to song: Love on the line

Truly it was the greatest of all romance. No person would go through that for ALL humanity. Just think, in your small circle of people you know on this earth, you might be willing to die for 1, maybe 10 depending on the size of your family. But to be brutally beaten, whipped, hung on a cross for ALL humanity…

ALL meaning…that family member that you may not see eye-to-eye with, the friend that quit being your friend years ago and the grudge still lingers, that co-worker that knows exactly how to push your buttons, those FaceBook drama starters that are always willing to debate on your post or any post, government officials in any country/city/town (including President Trump and Hilary Clinton)…

But God…

God sent his only son, to die for ALL. Literally every person on this earth, and He took All our sins with Him. We need to do as 1 John 1:9 says…confess our sins and he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins (and make sure He’s living in your heart of this isn’t the case)

So, while we all have sinned and still fall short…Jesus took it all to the cross for us…took our place, as the greatest of all romance 😊

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Do you know where you’re going?

Apparently Not!

About 2 weeks ago I left for my first business trip of 2018! However, I threw myself for a loop.

Normally, it’s everyone else who is interrupting your schedule or challenging you or throwing you off balance. But not this time. This time, I did it to myself.

Self punishment. Unplanned, no less.

First interference: I left on a Tuesday. Typically 95% of my travel starts on Monday.

Second, self-inflicted interference: I planned my first flight departure for 10am.  Normally, I am a “let’s get there and get started” kind of girl who leaves at 7am but AA (American Airlines) changed some of their flight paths for New Bern, so I opted for Delta.  Some of you are probably wondering why this is an interruption. “Come on, you get to sleep in, leave later, less stressful work day, blah blah blah.” However…for this creature of habit…I started the day fine but it threw my routine of “sneaking off while everyone is asleep” to “let’s say goodbyes on the actual day mom leaves instead of the night before” (which always makes it harder). Plus, I was naive and didn’t factor in driving through 8am rush hour traffic.

Third interference: As I traveled along the interstate, instead of heading towards the airport, well I decided to go a completely different direction. (Those of you in the Knoxville area will likely laugh out loud at my lack of direction…or lack of paying attention). I literally sat in traffic for 15 minutes to get off at 640 W and headed to West Knox!

From all of this…I have 3 pieces of advice:

1. Don’t mess with your normal travel schedule or routines! Just don’t.

2. Don’t pray and drive.

I was in some pretty deep prayer thought and before I could catch myself, I was taking the wrong exit ramp.

3. *Maybe…No, it IS the most important: Don’t drive (anywhere) without first having caffeine. (I didn’t have a Coke until I got to the airport. Big mistake!)

C’est la vie