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And so it begins…

This site. That I’ve spent a bit. Maybe some. Okay ALL day thinking and branding and deciding and working on. Yet, next week when you visit, it may look completely different because…well mainly because I’m indecisive.

This Blog. That I’ve wanted to start for what seems like ages. Where I created a list in October 2014 of blog post ideas, with some far-fetched hope that this list would actually motivate me to ‘start’ a blog, and instead ended up with me re-writing the list 3 different times as I changed planners (yes I know it’s only been two years…have I mentioned I’m indecisive). That my social media friends (most of those even being “real” friends, ha) have encouraged me to start…mainly because I think they are sick of my extremely long substitute blog posts on Facebook. And that I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this now, had my husband not started it for me (especially if I had seen the subscription fee-Geez Louise).

This journey. Of you and me. Dealing with life. Being real, being relevant (sometimes) and definitely being random.

On this night. So we add some flavor…Cherry Coke!

3 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I’m sitting INDIAN STYLE (that’s for anyone born BEFORE 1985…and no I was not born in ’85. I wish….) with baited breath (figuratively of course because I’m pretty sure I’d have organ failure if I ever got the chance to sit still)…. wait, why was I commenting? I wanna laugh, cry…..and experience some other emotion I can’t think of right now- if I join you on this journey. No pressure. #SLAY


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